Our Crew

In our business, Our Client is the King, and we do our best to safeguard his assets, taking great care in the choice of the right crew, and the quality of services to be given. As a small example, we always take care to effect crew changes in the most efficient way, trying to avoid very high and unnecessary expenses.

On the other hand, we value and take care of our crew, always trying to safeguard their welfare, ensuring that we keep close personal contact with them, through their manning agents, and motivating them to remain with the Iona Team. We see ourselves as the Strong Link between our clients and our crew!

We are able to provide all levels of ships crew from Masters, Officers, both Deck and Engine, and ratings.

We have an international scope of crew; mainly from the following countries, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia and Estonia.


  • Shipping companies face a massive shortage of Officers – this is a fact!
  • The solution is to educate and train cadets and introduce them on our vessels
  • The most loyal employee should be the one we train from school
  • Thus the philosophy in Iona is to employ Cadets on all vessels, where possible, the nationality would depend on our clients’ own requirements
  • On most Iona crew managed ships we place cadets on a ratio of :
    • 1 Deck Cadet to every 3 Deck Officers
    • 1 Engine Cadet to every 2 Engineers
      And, on some ships;
    • 1 Electrical Cadet to every 1 Electrical Officer

Iona Shipmanagement are able to provide Cadets from the following disciplines :

  • Deck (Polish / Romanian / Sri Lankan Cadets)
  • Engine (Polish / Romanian / Sri Lankan Cadets)
  • Electrical (Sri Lankan Cadets)

Polish and Romanian cadets are sourced through the Maritime Academies in Szczecin, Gdynia and Constanta.
Sri Lankan cadets are sourced through the Maritime Academy in Colombo