Our Client

Iona Shipmanagement is a crew-management company, with a firm belief that services develop best in small groups, with flat structures, tight timelines, high quality and expertise.

We offer our services in the busy and highly competitive market of today, knowing for a fact, that, it is not the dimensions of the wheel that count, but the strength of it’s radials!

The company is involved in recruiting, employing and placing crewmembers on vessels under contractual agreements and operates and manages the crew on behalf of the Owners. The vessels currently under Iona’s management range from general cargo vessels, ro-ro vessels, cement carriers and container ships.

Iona Shipmanagement is able to provide all levels of ships crew from Masters, Officers, both Deck and Engine, and all ratings. The Company has links with manning agencies in the following countries: Filipines, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and is also able to provide German officers.

Our clients range from big ship owning firms to smaller individuals, but our care in managing their vessels is equally distributed. This we feel is our specialisation.

Our primary concern is based on a platform of “feeling the client’s needs”. Our focus is to serve these needs while keeping our operational expenses to a minimum, thus enabling us to offer maximum service with minimum costs, and keeping our clients as a “name on our list” as opposed to a “number on our list”.

For this purpose, with effort and dedication, we have managed to create a hard-working, close-knit culture where we have become part of an extended “team” of each individual client.