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Sailing Excellence Since 2005: Iona Shipmanagement Ltd, Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Solutions, Connecting Seas and Careers Worldwide.

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Sailing Success Since 2005: Iona Shipmanagement Ltd, Anchored in Cyprus, Navigating Global Waters with Expertise. From Crew Management Excellence to Maritime Solutions Worldwide, We Set Sail for Your Success.

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Trusted Partnerships, Global Reach: Our Manning Agents Form the Pillars of Iona’s Success. Building on Trust and Direct Relationships, Together, We Navigate the Seas of Manning Excellence.

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Cyprus-Registered, Globally Trusted: Iona Shipmanagement Ltd, Your Crew Management Experts. From Recruitment to Long-Term Careers, We Set the Course for Maritime Success under Cyprus Law.


Iona Shipmanagement Ltd was founded in the Republic of Cyprus ,   in December 2005. Offices are based and operate in  Limassol , with sole Shareholder Brise Bereederungs Gmbh-Co. KG of Hamburg.  Since its incorporation  IONA grew in the shipping world and  has offered crew-management services apart from the Brise Fleet , to Shipping companies in the UK , Nigeria, Germany.Vessels managed have included cement carriers, general cargo , container ships and DP vessels.We are able to provide , under our IONA  Contracts of Employment , all levels of seafarers  from Masters, Officers, both Deck and Engine, and all ratings and cadets. The Company has links with manning agencies in the following countries: Filipines, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Sri Lanka,  Russia and Estonia. Our clients range from big ship owning firms to smaller individuals, but our care in managing their vessels is equally distributed.Through our subsidiary company ‘Voral Ltd’ we are also able to offer full Management services – to other ‘Shipping’ or ‘non-Shipping related’ companies –  that wish to register and operate in the Republic of Cyprus.

ISO9001:2015 Certified
MLC 2006 Certified

Our Agents

Our co-operation with our manning agents is of prime importance and is based on trust and a close working relationship.
It is our policy to meet personally with all manning agents on a regular basis for direct discussions about market conditions in their particular country.