From Prudent Crew Selection

to Cost-Efficient Operations

Your trusted partner in shipping excellence.

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy

We are able to provide all levels of ships crew from Masters, Officers, both Deck and Engine, and ratings.

We are able to provide all levels of ships crew!

Close connections, seamless solutions.

What we value most

Close contact with the client. This is the main factor in our recipe of successful management. We interact and connect.

The result is a deep understanding of our client’s needs that enable us to make the best choices and give solutions that are truly relevant.

To accomplish this, we work in “partnership” with each client, sharing information and feedback and accomplish to reflect our rendered services with quality management while respecting the budgets.

In this respect, we ensure that we remain flexible to our clients’ needs, while preserving our integrity and commitment in the process. With us you know that “you will always deal with professionals and have direct access to our personnel, all around the clock, which in shipping service, is imperative!”